Messages of Sympathy

17 Jan

Sometimes messages of sympathy for cards are more suitable to tell family or relatives of the dead how you feel. General greetings can be a comfort instead of making your own particularly when you don’t personally know the family. Messages of sympathy for cards can range from many types of feelings like sadness, alienation, thankfulness, soothing the family member and even giving consoling words of deliverance or life after death if the family is god-fearing.

Messages of sympathy for cards are by and large poetic in nature. Oftentimes these are made to inspire the recipient to move on and make the most of the deceased memory as a reason so start making a needed change. We owe so much to greeting card companies like Hallmark for making us all warm and fuzzy during distinguished times of the year and in moments when we feel heavyhearted and lonely due to a death of someone we love.  Messages of sympathy for cards are not just on hand in your newsstands or bookstores but are also on hand on the internet.

Online messages of sympathy for cards are clever and prompt ways to send message of sympathy to the family of the dead without missing out on the necessary things to say. Online greetings are getting to be more understood since you also get to make adjustments on the card design, colours, fonts and even small but creative details like background music and special effects. Here are some internet messages of sympathy for cards that you may use:

.”Those we love don’t go away; they walk near us every day. Their memories remain in our hearts. May loving memories heal your pain.”

.”Memories of an adored one never fade away; my prayers are always with you.”

.”We are very sorry to hear about your loss. We pray that you find comfort in the memories he left behind.”

.”Death of a loved one gives us heart aches that may never heal. Honor the memories that he leaves which no one can steal. With fondest sympathies.”

.”Sorry to hear about your loss. Let his memory make you find healing comfort and love.”

.”My deepest sympathies over your loss.”

.”May God be with you during this difficult time.”

.”Life leaves imprints of people that we love and cherish, may you find love and peace on the memories that he left behind.”

.”My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this sad moment.”

.”We will always be here for you and your family.”

.”Special memories keep the people we love close to our hearts till the end of time.”

With special messages of sympathy for cards like these, you may never need to add a personal message. Some people find sending your regards from a card is dispassionate and would rather you send a special letter or a written message to the family of the departed.

Although messages of condolence for cards may look and sound pre-made, it is best to add a few personal touches to make this the ideal sympathy message. Try sending these cards in unison with a wreath or a bouquet of flowers, a basket of fresh fruits or how about a box of sweets or chocolates. Making unpassioned messages of sympathy for cards more proper may be done by also writing your personal message on the side of the card or together with a photo that you kept of the deceased.

Messages of sympathy for cards are perfect when you really don’t know what to say. Sometimes we are loss for words due to a sudden death of a loved one that a card may do for the meantime. You can follow up the universal message by saying you will attend the wake or the funeral also mention that you are offering your help in any way you can for the family.


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