Sympathy Messages: A Sample of What You Should Say

20 Jan

Attempting to find Messages to Write in a Sympathy Card?  What does a condolence card need to have? A sympathy card is a simple card which can be specially made or purchased in a card store or book store. It expresses the sender’s feelings of sorrow or grief over the passing of a person who she knew specially or an acquaintance.

Messages to write in a sympathy card may range from a lone wish to allow the person to conciliate and recover from the misfortune or messages that articulate your heartfelt gratefulness towards the dead and your wishes of helping the surviving family in any way you can. Here is a template for messages to compose in a sympathy message card if you need a sample:

Dear/Dearest (name of the recipient),                                                   (Date)

My family and I were very sad to hear that (name of the deceased) has passed. I wish to convey our sincere sorrow on his/her passing and we will be including him/her in our prayers.

He/she was a friendly person, was soft spoken and hardly ever lost his/her temper. He/she has left tender memories in our hearts. I distinctly remember when he was (memories, but make them short). He/she will always remain one of the highest (neighbors/community leaders, teacher, etc) that we will have.

If you  ever need our help, do not hesitate to ask. You and your entire family will be in our prayers tonight.

Sincerely yours,

(your family name)

You may fill in distinct important moments you and the deceased had when he was living or mention an entertaining thing that he said but of course make this as casually as you can without making a lot of fuss. There are also some fabulous things to include like viable ways you can help out. Here are some essential things you can include:

.Offer your home number, commonly when you live next door or up the street. You may say on your sympathy card that they can call anytime for help or it may be just an ear to listen to without prying.

.Give to help with the kids for a while. Include in your sympathy messages card that you can offer this service for free particularly when your kids play with theirs.

.Include that they can always drop by if they need help. Should they go on a vacation or a leave after the funeral, they can always count on you to look after the house.

.As a member of the community, you can also offer to give a short speech about the deceased. Refer to that you have known him for years (or how many years actually) and have been a big follower of his works. Do not fail to refer to of course that you are seeking their permission to give a short speech and never give an impromptu.

.As a close friend of the deceased, remember in your message that you and he share a deep friendship and would like to share this with his family. Offer to make the ceremony or the wake special by making a scrap book or a commemorative site online if you know how.

.If you know about making funeral arrangements and organizing events, you can offer to take care of the services free of charge. You may either mention this on your card, but if you do, it may look like you are trying to strike a business deal.  It may be better to mention this personally to the family when you meet them.

.Messages to write in a sympathy card can be improved if you are able to give a small gift like a bouquet of flowers, a small memorial for the surviving spouse or how about a mass card if the family is Catholic. You can also incorporate a mass schedule that will be said in honor of the deceased you sponsored; church details, time and the name of the officiating minister would also need to be enclosed.


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